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April 27, 2018 — The Nodaway Valley Board of Education spent time discussing and developing goals at work sessions.  Prior to the recent meetings, a committee of Board members met with several different groups of stakeholders to obtain input on what the District goals should be for the next 3-5 years.  The groups the Board met with included students, teachers, parents, business leaders, retired teachers and community members.  The information gathered from those groups were reviewed and discussed by the Board.  Harry Heiligethal, from the Iowa School Board Association, held two meetings with the Board to help take the information gathered and develop goals.  Here are the goals that were approved by the Board:


The Nodaway Valley Community School District will build positive and effective community relations by:

●      Increasing parent and community involvement opportunities;

●      Increasing forms of communication between school and home;

●      Increasing parent and community opportunities for input on school-related decisions.


The Nodaway Valley Community School District will develop a culture of excellence that provides:

●      An encouraging, positive, and high trust environment;

●      A safe and secure environment;

●      An emotionally and physically healthy environment;

●      Research-based instructional strategies in every classroom;

●      Quality professional development that meets the needs of staff and students.


The Nodaway Valley Community School District will develop well-rounded students who are well prepared for college and work by:

●      Providing a learning environment that challenges students while providing support;

●      Collaborating with community and regional resources to provide real-world experiences for students.

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